When apparitions appear, it could be that the source of this phenomena is that they are actually “place” memories.  These apparitions can appear as “solid” (the same as any person.)  The theory in parapsychology used to explain apparitional “place” phenomena (which were imprinted upon the location years ago) is that one can respond to past images.

Scientifically speaking, the world we live in is governed by light and energy.  Memories can be stored in an environment.  A “place” memory is similar to a recording that exists long after a person has died.  Some people have a sensitivity to place memories and can pick up those traces.  Scientists have yet to understand how these energies are stored in the environment or why so few individuals can perceive them.  We all have these abilities, but in some people they are much further progressed.  One source could be fluctuations in magnetic fields that occur when rocks shift beneath the earth’s surface.  These fluctuations are known to affect the right temporal lobe of the brain and can cause hallucinations.  Studies have shown that a person’s perceptions can also be influenced by ions or electrically charged particles in the air.  Strong positive ions noted in the air have a negative effect on a person’s mood and perceptions.

To measure differences in a magnetic field an electromagnetometer is used.  Power lines, electrical appliances, and electrical wiring are known to cause magnetic fluctuations.  To a sensitive person these can cause hallucinations.  To have a negative effect on brain activity the magnetic field would have to fluctuate over time, thus must be read over time.  A reading of .01 Milligauss would be a low reading while a reading that reaches 40 Milliguass would be a high reading that could explain visual phenomena.  A dwelling can be wired with sensors and a computer can record the readings in order to understand what is occurring.  But doing so will not stop apparitions.  In fact, it can antagonize them and cause any havoc they are creating to worsen.

High reading results can be indicative of a haunting.  Geological research may reveal that a small earthquake can cause a fluctuation such as this in the earth’s magnetic field.  If there happens to be a seismic fault near a property, apparitions/hauntings may result.  Magnetic impulses generated by movements along the fault may stimulate a person’s brain, and positive ions can adversely affect a person’s perceptions.  (Also relevant is the fact that place memories are commonly known to be recorded in limestone and other certain, specific rock.)

Should physical harm such as scratches appear on the subject however, or shadow people or haunting noises (such as banging noises) or perceptions of evil that instill fear, indicate that there is something more at work and that it is definitely of a paranormal nature.   (Scratches that occur in a series of three are of an evil entity/spirit that is mocking the holy trinity.)  Enlisting the services of a psychic or physical medium (such as Amy Allan or one’s local paranormal society investigators) can be very helpful in tracing the origin of, and of ridding a haunting.  There can also be a genetic link.  Investigating the family of origin and to explore whether or not there were psychic abilities that can be traced back and that have been genetically “handed-down.”

Sometimes hauntings can actually be attracted to a particular family.  There are several different factors involved in this; location (see above information), one or more members who are mediums and do not realize this fact about themselves and who have psychic abilities.  In this case, a family could not just move/relocate and expect nothing more of a paranormal nature to happen.  Because of their abilities things will happen throughout their lives.  This is not to say that any family is plagued by demons.  Entities or spirits who come through that way tend to be people who were not great people in life.  They were angry in life and are still angry in death; some are serial killers, murderers, rapists and the like.  They can also manipulate how we perceive them – basically feeding off of our fear.  To decide that an angry, mean presence is demonic is to create more fearfulness and thus runs the risk of becoming a vicious cycle.

Many people turn to their faith (i.e. their pastor or church.)  While this can be comforting, it seldom rids a family or their home of spirits, evil or otherwise.  (Which the movie “The Exorcist” – which was based on a true story – bears out.)  It is far more important to understand exactly what it is that is happening to the individual:

  • An extremely active location/home,
  • What are the individual’s abilities (psychic, mediums)
  • What is the reason the deceased individuals are attracted to them, (i.e. mediums are a type of beacon for the dead; almost like a light in a pitch black room and they’re just attracted to that light)
  • The individual must accept their abilities.

I can bear this out in that while I am not a medium, I am psychic (i.e. I sometimes know things without there having been any explainable way for me to have known them.)  I believe that I inherited this ability from my maternal grandmother who was psychic.

~Jeanie Cooke-Fredlund, Paranormal Researcher






I just finished reading and responding to a personal, terrifying experience of a member of a website where people are encouraged to write-in their experiences with the unexplained.  While responding to his concerns, I was reminded of the countless naive people who unwittingly get themselves in-over-their-heads messing with occult tools such as Ouija Boards, hosting Tarot Readings, using Spirit Boxes, Seances, etc.

I was again reminded of the movie, “The Exorcist” a true story, that focuses on demon possession.  In real life, the child victim of demon possession was a boy, not a girl.  Two important factors that set him up for demon possession were that:

  1. He was not a Christian thus had no spiritual protection, and
  2. He had been using an Ouija Board which had invited an evil spirit into him.

When using any occult tool such as the Ouija Board, the user is opening a door (or portal, if you will) to spirits and evil spirits are extremely devious.  They will, for example, feign being the spirit of a loved one in order to gain access to the user.  My extensive research on this subject has revealed that this was the case of the child demon possession in the movie, “The Exorcist”.



This individual was filming orbs and was fascinated by images of animal orbs.  He’d found this to be an amazing experience until, with cameras rolling in his basement, he’d opened his basement door then closed it, when one of his cameras picked up an orb that went across a shelf then jumped down to the floor making a small bounce, and then compressed like an oblong shape before returning to it’s previous round shape.  He went on to write that while moving across the floor it had appeared to contain something within itself and short legs extending out of itself then had appeared to be running across the floor. This individual reviewed all the video and enlarged the orb checking each frame of video and had found that one frame had a non humanlike face with no lips or eyelids. It also appeared to contain two ears or horns. Needless to say, he became very concerned at this point as he observed that it was the image of a dogs head. He reported that, “This orb looked like it had weight when it ran across the floor.” The individual assumed that because it contained a dog, it was good, and not bad but felt confused and baffled.  Consequently, he proceeded to use an EMF producing box he had created.  But when the result of doing so was that the number of orbs then increased, he wondered whether he should unplug the box.


It seems that this individual spoke to a minister and was referred to a website called gotquestions.org. where he would be able to obtain accurate information and answers to his questions.  The individual to whom I’ve been referring is a Christian, and ultimately determined that if Jesus is in one’s heart and soul, evil cannot bring one harm and reported that his original dust orbs now look like bubbles from the Lawrence Welk show. He now realizes that the box had powered them up but also attracted an evil spirit. He said many prayers and plans to return to church and stated that he doesn’t know what happens if you don’t know Jesus, and recommends praying that you still go to heaven.  He also advises that orbs are real, Satan is real. Don’t let him fool you. He also now highly recommends going to church!


First of all I want to say that you sound like a really good person whose curiosity brought on more than you had bargained for. I’m so glad that you are a Christian because God and Jesus are definitely your best protection. Something that I do to feel safe in my home, is to occasionally (many people do this regularly) light the tips of a small bundle of white sage; it will smoke a little and I walk throughout every room saying the words “Any spirit that means any harm to myself or my family, “LEAVE NOW!” This is called a “cleansing” and is Native American in origin. My house always feels calm and peaceful afterward. I also burn a Himalayan Salt Lamp in any rooms about which I am concerned. These clear and purify the air/environment – I burn them round the clock. Burning a white candle is also very helpful as well in purifying the environment but I wouldn’t leave a candle unattended.

Personally, I am Catholic, but most importantly I am a Christian. I have had a crucifix blest by a Catholic priest for every bedroom in my house, and I keep a bottle of holy water handy to sprinkle in any room that concerns me as I speak the words, “Dear God, wash this room in the blood of Jesus Christ and keep us safe from harm.” I only mention being Catholic because catholic priests do successfully perform exorcisms (though it is very difficult to find one who does.) They also will come to your home and bless your home. I do not fear evil, but I also do not do any kind of activity to potentially invite it in.  My concern in our home was due to a person having lived here at one time who was not a Christian and whose activities I had substantial reason to mistrust.

You have probably heard of the movie “The Exorcist” which is a true story. In real life however, the victim of possession was a young boy, not a young girl. This young boy had been using a Ouija Board and had unwittingly invited the evil spirit into him. There is a Canadian television program called “Ghostly Encounters”. I’ve viewed some of the shows which are true stories. One of the directors of the show is a minister. These shows are a real eye-opener for anyone who doubts the presence of evil in the world, and who believes they can mess with tools like The Tarot, Ouija Boards and any other device or activity that might innocently invite evil into their lives.  (Information about the tv program I just mentioned can be found at http://www.myviva.ca/ghostlyencounters.)

May God wash you and your family in the blood of Jesus Christ and keep you and your family safe from harm at all times.

(I then forwarded prayers for protection to him)


The above example is such a good one of the unexpected consequences that can result from becoming involved in any activity that has the potential to bring us harm.

(Copyright 2017 by Jeanie Cooke-Fredlund)


I’d wanted to visit a medium for years.  I’d never made a move to do so because I honestly didn’t know how to decipher between a fake and a genuine medium.  One day and strictly by coincidence, I had an appointment with a client who’d recently lost her son.  During our counseling session she confided in me that she had visited a medium.  I asked her to tell me about her experience with the medium.  She explained the content of her visit to him.  She went on to explain how shocked she’d been that he knew things about her son’s death that she hadn’t shared with him.  “In fact” she went on to say, “I hadn’t told him anything about my son’s death yet!”  She still seemed a little shaken by the shock of realizing that the medium had been ‘for real.’ 
I knew instantly that it had been no accident that this client had come to see me; more importantly, I knew that this was the medium with whom I would schedule an appointment!  I asked for this medium’s name and phone number and she graciously obliged.  The following day I scheduled an appointment with him.
If, like myself, you wish to communicate with a loved one on the other side, you will be well advised to 1. Trust that the best way to locate a trustworthy, reliable medium is to ask around. You might be surprised at the large number of people who seek out this type of professional help following the loss of one dear to them! and 2. To do this rather than to try to communicate with any spirit on your own!  Too many doors of an unimaginable, negative nature can be opened trying to do this on one’s own!

The medium I talked about above is Troy Parkinson and he is located in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.  You can gain access to him on my Facebook site, “Jeanie Cooke-Fredlund,” or at my paranormal Facebook site, “Have You Witnessed the Paranormal?”  For anyone not living anywhere near St. Paul:  Ask the individual who is referring you to a medium the question, “Did the medium communicate any information to you from the afterlife that he/she had absolutely NO way of knowing unless it genuinely came from the person with whom you wanted to communicate on the other side?” (This is how I found Troy!)  If you call him, please let him know who referred you to him.

With everything else you’ve been through if you’re considering a visit to a medium, the last thing you need is to be taken-to-the-cleaners!

(Copyright 2019 by Jeanie Cooke-Fredlund)


The movie The Exorcist (w/Linda Blair) was based on a true story; with the exception that the victim of evil was a young boy, not a young girl. He had been using an Ouija Board which had inadvertently opened a door (vortex) to the other side. Through that door, anything evil can (and did) enter. Thus the beginning of his need for an exorcism. When anyone invites spirits into their world using this vehicle (the Ouija Board) or any other vehicle for contacting spirits they place themselves in unimaginable and imminent danger.  In addition to this, evil spirits commonly trick people into believing they (the spirit) are the spirit of a loved one who has passed and who the board user is attempting to contact. 

Copyright 2019 by JC Cooke-Fredlund



  • By Amanda Dyslin
  • Oct 17, 2007

Actor Mike Shoff plays Jon Hyers as a teenager reacting to an incident in his North 3rd Street Actor Mike Shoff plays Jon Hyers as a teenager reacting to an incident in his North 3rd Street home in St. Peter, MN when a mysterious glowing cloud appeared between him and the bathroom mirror.

Submitted photo (not included)
The Free Press, Mankato, MN


A fuse had blown, or so Jon Hyers thought.

But in the dark, century-old basement of the St. Peter home his family was renting, Jon couldn’t see inside the fuse boxes, so he turned to go upstairs and get a flash light. And just as he did, the doors to the fuse boxes slammed shut.

No windows were open. No fans were on. The doors didn’t have springs. He was alone in the basement.

Then 16, all of Jon’s knowledge about physics — from the design of the fuse-box doors to the vibrations of his steps to the draftiness of the old house — all of it rushed through his mind in the span of a couple of

seconds, trying to explain away three metal doors slamming


But he couldn’t. So he ran.

“I was freaked. … When (my brother and I) went back, there was no blown fuse,” said Jon, whose family had just moved to town from Wisconsin and were renting the home on North 3rd Street while their house was being built.

One spooky incident doesn’t make much of a story. Nine months of eerie moments, on the other hand — noises, visions, unexplainable circumstances — that’s something.

Some members of the Hyers family truly believe the house on North 3rd Street is haunted, and they believe they bared witness to the haunting for nine months from 1977-78. Jon, now a filmmaker and media specialist, is one of those believers.

With the evolution of video technology over the past few years, Jon decided to use his filmmaking skills to tell the story of what his family went through.

“The Haunting of North 3rd Street,” which opens Friday at St. Peter Cinema 5, is an independent docu-drama looking back at that time.

Interviews with family members give a firsthand perspective of the incidents they can’t quite explain. Actors take the audience back to the scene of the events, providing a creepy look at what it felt like to be surrounded by ghosts.

“Any of these events could be explained away,” said Jon of St. Paul. “But it’s the sheer number of things that happened.”

Conrad and Gerry Hyers, Jon’s parents, and Dean and Lauri Hyers, Jon’s brother and sister, all experienced things they can’t explain, he said. Thumping noises as loud as a piano tipping over, electricity going out one room at a time with no fuse blown, doors unlocking seemingly by themselves, and the furnace door repeatedly being found open, even spilling fire into the basement room — all of these incidents were reported by members of the family.

But no one ever saw a ghost. Not in human form, anyway.

“I saw one thing,” said Jon, who attended Gustavus Adolphus College. “A cloud of smoke appeared between myself and the bathroom mirror. It was a bright and glowing cloud.”

The boys were scared. Lauri was terrified. And Conrad and Gerry had no explanations to comfort their children. The owners of the house were out of town and couldn’t be reached to ask questions about the house. (As the Hyers learned later, the owners had also experienced strange occurrences. They heard the front door open and someone walk in and up to the second floor. Yet, no one was found.)

The Hyers had so many questions, with the unknown history of the house at the top of the list. Had someone died there? Did a tragedy occur inside the basement where many of the incidents seemed to occur?

Maybe. Conrad, former religion professor at Gustavus, did some research at the historical society, where a historian also was working on researching haunted places. Although no court records or newspaper articles were found to confirm the information, the historian said either the owner or the builder of the home may have been murdered there.

Perhaps the ghost of either the murderer or the victim or both had somehow become trapped in the home.

In nine months, the family moved out, relieved to never have learned the answer to that question. Dean had even been keeping a calendar, crossing out every day until they could finally get away from that house.

Last year, though, Jon set out to try and find out again why the North 3rd Street house may have been haunted. His search in the historical society’s archives came up with little information about the home built in the late 1850s. The house’s abstract also was vague.

He was left only to guess at who or what has a presence there. His film suggests two ghosts haunt the old house: the murderer and his victim.

Jon and his mom believe their experiences were supernatural. The other family members aren’t sure. Logical thinking tells them there are no such things as ghosts. Their memories suggest otherwise.

As word about the film has circulated St. Peter, people have driven down North 3rd Street and guessed at which house may be the haunted former home of the Hyers. To protect the identity of the owners, he’s not telling.

“We’re keeping it cryptic,” he said, much like the ghosts, themselves.

(Featured in the Mankato Free Press, Mankato MN)

Go to: http://www.mankatofreepress.com/news/lifestyles/nightmare-on-north-rd/article_0caf286e-da88-5e71-94ca-f292df280036.html?fbclid=IwAR0vO2M1tsdkCzkF_kIlaUiTYJLEekdP9RbH8_VrQ7503w3MPzKtBUkM7hQ

10 Scariest and Lesser Known Hauntings

By Jacob Shelton

While most people know of vampires, werewolves, zombies, and even the Slenderman, an entire subset of lesser-known ghosts exist throughout the world, all dedicated to haunting this mortal coil. These forgotten paranormal entities and rare ghosts may not appear all that often in pop culture, but they still wait in the shadows nonetheless. Some of these creatures are pets who returned as ghosts, or shadows that wait until you’re cozy in bed before they crawl out from the corners of your room. Another forgotten ghost is a mysterious fog that pours from a European forest at night. These may be ghosts you never knew existed, but not knowing about them will not protect you from their mischief and wrath.

These forgotten ghosts offer an insight into the history and local legends of where they come from, and are as terrifying as they are fascinating. Perhaps you even grew up with a few of them, in which case you understand how scary they can be. For those of you just learning about these unique and strange supernatural beings, make sure you take note of how best to avoid them.


Kuchisake-onna is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list These Lesser-Known Paranormal Entities Are Far More Terrifying Than Your Average Ghost
Photo: YouTube

This ghost, whose name translates loosely to “slit-mouthed woman,” first appeared during Japan’s Edo period (between 1603 and 1868) and managed to grip the consciousness of Japan to this day. According to storytellers from the Edo period, the Kuchisake-onna is a ghost that presents itself as a woman with a scarf covering her face. Modern versions of the Kuchisake-onna story depict the ghost wearing a red surgical mask rather than a scarf. She approaches victims and asks them, “Am I pretty?”

If you answer “no,” she kills you immediately; if you answer “yes,” she removes the scarf and repeats her question. If you answer “yes” again, the kuchisake-onna will follow you home and murder you there. To escape being murdered by this angry ghost, throw candy or money in her face and run away. One may also give her an open-ended or confusing answer, forcing her to think while you make your escape.

Photo: via Reddit


Onryō is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list These Lesser-Known Paranormal Entities Are Far More Terrifying Than Your Average Ghost
Photo: YouTube

These vengeful spirits from Japan are some of the most powerful and terrifying paranormal creatures ever reported on earth. According to reports, the onryō are not only capable of assaulting people, they can also cause natural disasters. So what makes an onryō? These spirits all began life as women who were wronged by their lover, and who return only to make them miserable. If you’ve seen The Ring or The Grudge then you know exactly what the onryō looks like; typically they wear a white robe, with faces covered in pasty white kabuki-esque makeup, and they have jet black hair streaming into their faces. When an onryō is created, its effects go far beyond just those who incurred their initial wrath. Onryō spirits enjoy tormenting their subjects, often by killing off those around them before finally attacking their targets.

Shadow People

Shadow People is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list These Lesser-Known Paranormal Entities Are Far More Terrifying Than Your Average Ghost
Photo: YouTube

Of all the lesser-known ghosts, ghouls, and goblins, shadow people definitely grew in infamy as more people claim to come across these mysterious beings. Reports of shadow people increased since 2001, when Native American elder Thunder Strikes appeared on Coast To Coast AM to discuss shadow people. The discussions of shadow people on Coast to Coast provided a language for people to discuss these types of hauntings; multiple listeners submitted drawings to the show, and the topic of shadow people remained a mainstay ever since. In 2015 a study on sleep paralysis and shadow people stated a part of the brain pulls shadow people from the depths of one’s subconscious in order to “clear out confusion.” Regardless of where they come from, shadow people still terrify whomever they come across, filling witnesses with dread and on occasion even physically assaulting them.

La Llorona

La Llorona is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list These Lesser-Known Paranormal Entities Are Far More Terrifying Than Your Average Ghost
Photo: YouTube

Woe to whomever comes across La Llorona, “the weeping woman” while making their way through Mexico. Many different theories attempt to explain why this weeping ghost kidnaps and drowns its victims, but the main story tells of a young woman who grew jealous of the attention her husband was receiving from other women. Enraged, she ended up throwing her children in a river; when she realized what she’d done the woman committed suicide shortly there afterwards. Now, the woman haunts the darkness of Mexico as La Llorona, a weeping ghost who kidnaps children who stay out after dark, drowning them so she may make them her own.



Deogen is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list These Lesser-Known Paranormal Entities Are Far More Terrifying Than Your Average Ghost
Photo: F.d.W./flickr/CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

What would you do if you walked by the forest and saw a fog with a mind of its own growing from the trees? The Deogen phenomenon, de ogen translating to “the eyes,” reportedly happened to  people who lived near the Sonian Forest in Belgium in the early ’30s. According to De Kinderen van Het Bezeten Bos, or “Children of the Haunted Forest,” the haunting began after local nuns discovered the charred remains of a group of murdered children.

People who witness Deogen claim to see a dense fog escape from the forest, often times appearing in colors like green or gray. In the midst of the fog, mysterious, child-like figures can be seen rushing through it. Drivers sometimes report the imprints of hands on the windows of their cars. It’s possible that the ghostly fog, and the book that brought it to life don’t exist, but do you really want to take that chance the next time you’re in Belgium?

The Bell Witch

The Bell Witch is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list These Lesser-Known Paranormal Entities Are Far More Terrifying Than Your Average Ghost
Photo: YouTube

Spooky tales from the South tell of ghosts, witches, and demons haunting their pitch black fields, but the story of the Bell Witch still sends shivers down the spine of anyone who knows of it. In the early 1800s a farmer named John Bell and his family fell victim to a mysterious creature who used everything in the paranormal handbook to completely ruin their lives. The haunting began, as many do, with a series of knocks happening around their home. From there the activity became more harrowing; blankets yanked from beds, hair pulled, and eventually an unseen force assaulted the Bell children. Then the entity began speaking to the family, revealing “herself” to be Kate Batts, a neighbor of the Bells who disagreed with them over the sale of slaves. After John Bell began suffering a mysterious illness, Batts allowed him no rest until he died; even then she made a point of causing a scene at his funeral too.

After that the Bell Witch began to make the rounds in Robertson County, Tennessee and haunt whomever it felt deserved it. According to locals, terrifying happenings are still going on in the area, so take a trip down to Adams, Tennessee if you dare.


Chindi is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list These Lesser-Known Paranormal Entities Are Far More Terrifying Than Your Average Ghost
Photo: YouTube

In the lore of the Navajo people it’s believed the last breath a person takes contains everything bad about them and everything that kept them from becoming one with the universe. The final expulsion of negative energy creates a malicious spirit called a chindi. To ensure your dying self will not create a chindi, one must pass away in an open area like a field or a desert so the chindi may dissipate. For those without that luxury, your family must burn all of your belongings and never say your name again. Worst case scenario: if you or a loved one passes away inside a house, the house will be haunted forever. If you ever been drive through the desert and come across a dust devil, then you’ve encountered a chindi, and that’s about as close as you want to come to one unless you’re aching to be infected with a “ghost sickness.”


Old Book

Old Book is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list These Lesser-Known Paranormal Entities Are Far More Terrifying Than Your Average Ghost
Photo: YouTube

The weeping ghost known as “Old Book,” haunts the grounds of the Peoria State Hospital in Bartonville, Illinois. This mental institution operating from 1902 to 1973 plays host to a series of different hauntings, but none are as apparent as the cries of Old Book. Before his death, Old Book lived as a patient in the hospital who also worked as a grave digger; because no one knew his real name he was checked in under the pseudonym “A. Bookbinder.” Supposedly before being sent to the mental institution he worked in the world of bookbinding, and at one point became so overwhelmed with stress it rendered mute.

The story goes that Old Book attended every funeral and lean against an elm tree where he would cry, even if he hadn’t known the person in life. When he died in 1910 hundreds of people attended his funeral. As pallbearers prepared to lower his casket into his grave, it bounced up and into the grave, knocking the pallbearers down. The man in charge of the institution, Dr. Zeller, wrote in his journal after the casket fell everyone who hadn’t fled the harrowing sight could hear someone crying against an old elm tree. “Every man and woman stood transfixed, for there, just as had always been the case, stood Old Book, weeping and moaning with an earnestness that out-rivaled anything he had ever shown before. We could not be mistaken. It was the same Old Book.”

If you visit the grounds of the now abandoned hospital make sure you listen carefully, you may hear the cries of Old Book.


Kobolds is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list These Lesser-Known Paranormal Entities Are Far More Terrifying Than Your Average Ghost
Photo: YouTube

Unless you read up on Germanic mythology, you likely never hear of the Kobold outside of a game of Dungeons & Dragons. This creatures isn’t a ghost nor a demon, but instead something rarely ever seen in American paranormal mythology – a sprite. Dating all the way back to ancient Greece as creatures associated with Dionysus, these little European creatures appear almost anywhere such houses, mines, and even ships. But their “appearance” are difficult to confirm, as the sprites usually perform tasks under invisibility. While many Kobolds act as benevolent helpers, some possess more mischievous personalities, especially if you wrong them. One tale tells of a Kobold who tore a boy apart and proceeded to cook him all because the boy offended the sprit.. Scholars believe that these creatures first came about in the 13th century, and that they’re where the idea of a gobbling originated.

Animal Spirits

Animal Spirits is listed (or ranked) 10 on the list These Lesser-Known Paranormal Entities Are Far More Terrifying Than Your Average Ghost
Photo: YouTube

Despite the myriad theories of what ghosts are (multi-dimensional creatures, energy beings that weren’t able to cross over to the afterlife, etc.), general consensus agrees that ghosts are the spirits of something that was once alive. Thus, it makes sense both pets and feral animals run the risk of having their spirits trapped on the mortal coil. According to Dale Kaczmarek, president of the Ghost Research Society, the most widely seen animal spirits are “dogs, cats, and horses in that order respectively.” He theorizes only intelligent creatures possess the capability to return to life as a ghost, an explanation as to why there are no phantom mosquitos. And rather than returning because they suffered a traumatic death, Kaczmarek believes an animal may return as a spirit due to their owner’s intense grief.


I was pleased to see on the Quest Television Channel here in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area that the existence of the supernatural is, at last, being not only acknowledged but validated by the science world!

Last night on the Quest Channel I watched a report on two credible scientists and their assistants. They were performing a professional, scientific ghost hunting endeavor at an old, abandoned asylum in Pennsylvania, USA.  Interestingly, they concluded that there does exist, supernatural activity at the asylum!  They compared the location to the Amityville House in New York, and reported that this asylum will also go down in recorded history!

So those of you who are doubters, more and more evidence of the existence of the supernatural is being gathered!

Congratulations to you, Zac Bagans of Ghost Adventures fame.  You are, at long last, being validated by the scientific community!


There are 8 known ways to clear spirits and ghosts from your home. But, there is one unique situation when the clearing attempts won’t work. Get more after the jump.

In most cases, you can clear your home of spirits and ghosts using these practices:

  1. Negotiating
  2. Holy Water
  3. Haunted Object Removal
  4. Spiritual Cleansing
  5. Smudging
  6. White Candle Clearing
  7. Feng Shui
  8. Rice + Salt

Before we get to using the techniques listed above, let’s address the one situation that can’t be solved – residual hauntings.

Residual hauntings are echos from the past. There is no ghost or spirit involved. It’s simply a scene from the past, playing over and over. In time, the energy will weaken and it will dissipate. The eight techniques will not work. You just have to live with it.

Back to the 8 techniques…


That’s right – you can talk a spirit into leaving your home. This works with intelligent hauntings. You, as a living person, can talk to the spirit to move on. Living people are the masters of this plane of existence, so they have much more power than most believe. I would ask you to be kind to the spirit. It was another human being at one point, so please be respectful when you ask it to move on and leave your residence.

Note: Negotiating doesn’t work on elementals, fairies, demons and poltergeists. It works for intelligent hauntings with human spirits.

Holy Water

Holy water clear ghosts and spirits
Holy Water can clear ghosts and spirits if your intention and belief is strong








We haven’t used holy water to remove a spirit, so we’re assembling this information from our library on ghosts and spirits (sources listed at the end of this post).  After you fill a container with holy water, dip your finger tips in it and make a cross on every door in your home (front door, back door, room doors, any and every door). As you do this, say a prayer that calls on your god(s) to remove the spirit from your home. In order for this to work, you really need to put your belief into it. It has to be total belief in the god(s).

Haunted Object Removal

We’ve covered this topic before. See our post of Haunted Objects and Remedies.

Spiritual Cleansing

Blessed objects clear spirits and ghosts
Blessed objects placed in a room can drive out unwanted ghosts and spirits







A member of the clergy can clear a spirit, but most people don’t ask for this assistance. You can use a different method, though. Bring some religious objects to your church and ask the priest or pastor to bless them. Then, place the objects in the rooms with the most ghostly activities to drive the spirit out.

However, this could also drive the spirit to neighboring rooms, attic or basement. It may be better just to have your entire home blessed.



smudging removes ghosts and spirits
The smoke from a smudging stick clears negative energy, ghosts and spirits






Many people think smudging is a pagan or Wiccan ritual. It’s actually not specific to any religion. Anyone can do it.

To smudge your home, first get some smudging sticks online or gather dried sage and sweet grass and tie it so it looks like a rod. You can also buy sage incense for the same effect.

Light the smudging stick or incense and let it burn for a few seconds, then blow it out. You want the smoke – not the flame – to clear the spirit. Then, walk through your house and stop in every room. Open a window in each room to let the spirit out.

This is very important: Make sure you get the sage smoke in every corner of the room.  You wave the smoke into each nook and cranny, if you need to. As you push the smoke into the corners, say something like, “This smokes clears the spirit, ghost and negative energy out of this house.” Then, command the spirit to leave through the window.

When you finish all the rooms, go back and close each window. You may have to do this once per week for a month. Spirits can be stubborn.

White Candle Clearing

white candles clear ghosts and spirits
White candles represent the divine and they remove unwanted spirits from a room








I’ve used this method on a few occasions. Buy a brand new white candle. A used candle will not work. You need to use a new candle for each room. It doesn’t matter what kind. The white symbolizes purity or the divine. Light the candle in the room with the spirit. Walk around the room and command the spirit, ghost or negative entity to leave.

Repeat as needed to clear the room. You can open the window and order the spirit to leave like you do with smudging.

Feng Shui

I’ve never known anyone to use it, but you can arrange the room to allow the movement of positive energy to clear the spirit. I’m not an expert, so here’s a link to a book on Feng Shui. The goal is to clear clutter and align your living space with good, positive energy.

Rice + Salt

You can use rice to move the spirit out of your house. First, pour white rice around the outside of your house, as close to the foundation as possible. This is to lure the spirit out of your home. Then it will start counting the rice. After a couple of days – when the spirit has moved outside, pour kosher sea salt around the house just like you poured the rice. The salt will block the spirit from entering.

If you still have ghostly activity after using these methods, you want to call a professional to help clear your home.

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(All credit for this article belongs to Jacob Rice at: https://www.GhostlyActivities.com/Author/GhostlyActivities/)


(All credit for this article belongs to Jacob Rice at: https://www.GhostlyActivities.com/Author/GhostlyActivities/)

“Sometimes ghosts get twisted into an evil version of themselves. These are called “Spectres” and there is nothing good about them. When you run into a spectre, use protection techniques and call in the professionals.

Spectres can form in two ways:

  1. Immediately upon a twisted person’s death
  2. Slowly as a ghost loses its humanity

Immediately Upon Death

Evil humans become evil spirits when they die and people, especially children, who live tortured lives tend to become spectres. Insane people can also become specters when they die.

Evil people generate and store negative energy. When they die, their spirit takes that negative energy, called spite, and it twists them into these powerful spirits. Evil people want to continue hurting people as a spectre.

Tortured people can also become specters. Their entire lives are filled with suffering, another form of spite. When they die, the negative energy releases with their soul and they combine into a spectral form. As a specter, tortured people want to fill the emptiness they had in life. This could be love, food, happiness or something else. It could be an emotional hole or a physical need hole.

Insane people have a great deal of chaos inside them. Chaos is another form of spite. It boils beneath the surface waiting to get out. When they die, the chaos gets its chance to escape and creates the specter. These are very difficult specters to clear and protect against because it’s completely without an objective. It just wants to create havoc around itself.

Ghosts Losing Their Humanity

A ghost that can’t move on could become a specter. The despair it feels can create the spite needed to form a specter. It will also see its former family die, which just adds more spite and twists the ghost. Eventually, the spite will increase and overtake the ghost’s remaining humanity. Then, it becomes a specter. In most cases, these specters take on the characteristics of a tortured-person spectre.

How to Identify a Specter Haunting

Specters, formed by tortured people, take on characteristics of their suffering in life

Specter hauntings usually begin within a few weeks of death. The negative energy surge helps specters manifest faster than typical ghosts and they can act quickly on their new target. Specters don’t need a reason or anchor to haunt you and your home. They just want some easy prey to scare or hurt.

Also, you can easily confuse a specter haunting with a poltergeist or demon infestation. The clues will be in the haunting details. Specters have the following powers, but pay attention to how they use their powers:

Intense cold spot generation

The temperature should drop 15 degrees or more. Unlike demons, the temperature will never increase with specters. Poltergeists do not generate cold spots.

Fire generation

This is very similar to poltergeists. Small fires will start around the house. However, specters start fires to kill you. Poltergeists just scare you.

Body alterations

Specters can manifest and they have claws, fangs, tentacles or other nasty physical features. Demons and poltergeists never manifest.

These alterations also identify the person. An evil person will have weapons like knives for fingers or sledge hammers for fists. Tortured people will create specters that reflect their suffering. This means someone who starved for food or affection may have a shark-like mouth in its stomach. For insane people, you’ll think to yourself, “What the f—?” when you see the specter. Chaos makes some crazy specter manifestations.


Specters can teleport to other parts of the house and follow you if you go to work or the store. Demons and poltergeists stay in a certain area like a basement or bedroom.


In this case, the possessed person will have behaviors like the specter’s human self. You won’t see strange dietary cravings or speaking in tongues like a demonic possession. You’ll know because the possessed will start using new phrases or wearing different clothes. Also, the possessed will start acting like the person who became a specter. In general, evil people use possession. They have an objective: To continue hurting people and nothing is better than twisting your loved ones into monsters.

With possession, the possessed person is usually prone to astral projection, out-of-body experiences, lucid dreaming and/or has had many near-death experiences. They left their body and the specter moves in.

In a possession, the specter loses its other powers. This may be due to the specter now living in a human host, who must deal with our laws of physics.

How to Identify a Spectre Haunting

Tortured-person specter

How to Clear a Spectre from Your Home

Most protection techniques and clearing methods apply to specters, but you may need to use them more often.

Sometimes, the specter will simply leave. Spectres formed by tortured people will leave if their needs are satisfied. Chaos-generated specters will leave when they become bored or create too much chaos in one area (it drives itself into a tizzy and dissipates). Evil-generated specters tend to stay for long periods. After all, they have an objective, and you and your home are part of their plan.

The best protection is prevention. I’ll add some links to our earlier posts on this topic below. The most important thing to know about specters is their hauntings are random. They don’t care about you as a person or your family. They just want to create more negative energy (fear, suffering, pain, anger, chaos, etc) to feed itself.


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All credit for the following article ONLY goes to England’s website, http://www.HauntedHovel.com:

What is a Ghost?

Well, the dictionary definition of the word is as follows:

1) The soul of a dead person, a disembodied spirit imagined, usually as a vague, shadowy or evanescent form, as wandering among or haunting living persons.

2) The principle of life; soul; spirit.

3) A spiritual being


What we believe real ghosts are, are merely people who have passed on, but not quite reached where they are going. A good way to think of it is this; Every person on earth has a soul, this soul is what makes you who you are, it is your personality, your thoughts. But in order for your soul to exist on earth it has to be physical, after all, we are living in a physical dimension where things can be touched and held and appear solid. So your soul is in a human body, which is physical, when the body dies the soul cannot exist here without being in something physical, so it journeys to the next plane of existence, however, sometimes the soul doesn’t complete the journey, maybe it doesn’t want to move on because it feels it hasn’t done all it wants to here or maybe it doesn’t realize it can’t exist here anymore or maybe it doesn’t know how to move on.

This is when a soul becomes trapped and flickers between the physical and non-physical realms, which is exactly when people claim to see them, here at Haunted Hovel we believe this is when people see them, when they flicker closer to physicality than the other side.


Are there Real Ghosts?

If you’ve come to a site about ghosts asking if there’s such a thing as real ghosts or not then I think you know we are going to say yes. But what do you think? How would you explain the picture on the right? Camera malfunction? Dust? Lighting? Or the soul of a dead human? Here at Haunted Hovel we advise you to stay skeptical, but don’t be to closed minded. The reason for this is if you’re half-and-half then if and when you experience something at least you’ll know for sure instead of dismissing it as something normal.

Also there have been many reports of people experiencing the same thing in haunted locations, such as hearing, feeling, seeing or smelling the same thing. People who don’t know each other! How would you explain that? I’m sure there’s many possible answers but for now please be open to the possibility that what people experience is true. Maybe something will happen to you one day to change your mind!

Are they Dangerous?

The question are they dangerous has got to be the number one reason for fear of any kind of spirit, believing you’re in danger from something you cant always see, that could be anywhere is quite a scary thought. However, here at Haunted Hovel we believe that they are not dangerous and that there is nothing to fear physically from them. People often fear the unknown – and that’s the problem for many people – fearing things that we don’t understand.

But, there have been a large number of reports of people being touched by real ghosts, including people claiming to be pushed or scratched by them, these reports are very rare though, some of the more common reports for physical contact are things such as the feeling of a hand being placed on someones shoulder, or the feeling of someone gently brushing past. Whether you wish to believe such reports is up to you, but our opinion is that they are not dangerous. A spirit will be more concerned with the reason it is still here then going out of its way to cause harm, if they are even capable of causing harm that is.

There is nothing to fear from the presence of the dead apart from what we don’t understand, but considering they are such a difficult subject to study, that leaves quite a lot!

Do real ghosts have life span’s?

Well, by lifespan, we’re talking about how long they can exist here for. Obviously there isn’t a straight forward answer to this, because they have different strengths and purposes of being here. Say for example real ghosts will be here because they were confused for a little while about how to move on, if someone saw a projection of this spirit and it moved on shortly afterward, the existence span of this ghost would of only been short. Many mediums believe that spirits have no sense of time whatsoever, does this mean they constantly exist in the time they choose to? or does it mean they see things age and change around them? Unfortunately we’re yet to fully understand…

I’m sure you would of heard a tale about ancient Indian burial grounds? Well these are the oldest ghost stories that come from a reliable source and aren’t shrouded in legend. Indians existed as far back as 20000-30000 years ago and people still claim to see the spirit apparitions of Indians. This is the only example that holds any weight to it. Maybe they have existed for longer and will continue to do so for thousands of years, maybe eternity. Is it merely coincidence that many spiritual mediums claim to have an ancient Indian as a spirit guide?

Why would a ghost exist here?

The most common explanation for this is that they have unfinished business. For example, the wife of a soldier who didn’t return from war died with a broken heart. After death she lingers around their home and refused to move on until her husband comes home, which of course he never will. There are many theories like this which are possibly explanations for why a ghost would stay.

Another explanation is that the ghost doesn’t know how to move on. The spirit of another person should be thought of as just a normal person (who just happens to be dead), maybe they got confused or just refused to move on because they were scared. Mediums often say, that when a person is close to death, the spirits of their family & friends enter our physical realm to guide them and to greet them. So what would happen for example, if the dying person was estranged from his or her family and friends? Perhaps they just like it here on the physical plain as a spirit?

Overall there are many, many reasons why a ghost could be here, and the answer as to when they will move on depends on each individual spirit, if they are even capable of moving on of course!

Can a ghost be gender specific?

A lot of people would think that a ghost can be male or female, but technically this isn’t true. Although a spirit may appear in the form of a man or a woman, this is only an image of what the spirit remembers itself to be during life. The apparition of a human, whether man or woman, is only a projection, a picture if you will. But as the spirit doesn’t actually have a physical body it cannot be technically classed as a sex.

However, the mind of the spirit may hold male or female characteristics and influence their behavior after they die. Whether a person believes that its a persons mind that makes them a certain gender or their physical body is the decision on the reader! Another interesting point – if you believe in reincarnation – Can we reincarnate as male or female, or are we created spiritually as a certain gender..?

Whats the difference between a ghost and a spirit?

Well the common belief is they are the same thing but this is not the case, a ghost is thought to be the disembodied soul of a deceased person who hasn’t been able to successfully cross over. They become trapped here for many different reasons. They very often attach themselves to locations, objects and sometimes people, but this often depends on the circumstance of their death.

A Spirit is a person who has passed away and made it successfully to the other side. They shouldn’t be mistaken for a ghost, because unlike a ghost, they are not trapped here and can return to visit us whenever they wish.

Types of Hauntings
Residual Haunting

The most prevalent type of haunting, by far, is referred to as a residual haunting. In this type of haunting the ghostly energy goes through a cycle of actions over and over again. It’s like a video clip that repeats itself in a loop.

Sometimes this plays out at a specific time as though it were following a schedule. Most commonly the scene played out will be that of a tragic event, such as a death. This type of haunting is more like a psychic impression of energy than an actual haunting by a presence or entity. Many true stories seem to describe this type of occurrence.


If real ghosts are in visitation (just visiting the place they loved from the spirit world) the spirit, or ghost, demonstrates intelligence and an awareness of its surroundings. These spirits have been known to communicate with humans and to interact with their environment. In this type of haunting it is common for objects to be moved. There have been reports of a ghost making noises, such as rapping or banging on walls, slamming doors, or making footsteps. They have been known to move things around, or even to hide objects. They may even turn light switches on and off. These real ghosts will often manifest the personality of someone who has died.

A Grounded Spirit

A grounded spirit is a spirit person who cannot – or refuses to – move on to the next world. Perhaps they’re confused, angry, have unfinished business or feel the place they’re haunting is their property? This kind of spirit will manifest in very much the same was as a spirit in visitation, but due to the circumstances they left this world in (violent death, murder, suicide) they may be angry and violent, manifesting in poltergeist activity or making people feel physically sick and disorientated.

Just a thought

What is it that people find so fascinating about real ghosts? Well for me its the thought that death isn’t quite the end. Its the idea that there might just be something else after our bodies are gone. Being able to exist without the world that we know around us is a fascinating thought.

But because there is no proof, or proof that people don’t choose to accept as such leaves the fear that maybe this is all there is. How would you feel if you knew for sure that the only experience you would have to exist is right here, right now, in this world that surrounds us. One thing that confuses me about people i talk to about ghosts is when they say they don’t believe in them, which is find, after all we’re all entitled to our own opinions and thoughts, but if they truly believe they don’t exist and when we’re gone, we’re gone full stop, then why do they choose to live their lives as they do.

Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone, I’m referring to the people that go through life just existing, nothing more, not living their lives doing what they want to do, just watching the days go by. If i knew that after my body expires and is no more then that was it, i would be out there every day living life to the fullest. Such people will never be convinced that there’s something else, but if your still here reading this then congratulations. You may just be one of the few people who have that little bit extra bit of life within you!


Although any prayers are effective tools with which to deal with hauntings, there are some that are specifically designed for that purpose (ie. the purpose of spiritual warfare.  If you are experiencing a haunting and you want it to go away, you are, in fact, in spiritual warfare.


Here is a very helpful prayer for you to use daily that I stumbled upon called the “spiritual warfare prayer”. It will help cleanse your body mind and soul of any demonic possession or obsession, and it will break any family curses that you may have. Try saying this to yourself out loud:


Heavenly Father, I come before you in praise, worship, and adoration. Thank you for sending your son Jesus to give me life, to give me forgiveness, to give me a plce in your family. Thank you for sending the holy spirit to guide me and empower me in my daily life. Heavenly Father, open my eyes that I may see your greatness, Your majesty. Your Victory on my behalf.

I place myself now under the cross of Jesus Christ and cover my self with the precious blood of Jesus. I surrender myself; with the light of Christ and say in the name of Jesus that nothing shall interfere with the Lord’s work being accomplished in my life.
“I put on God’s armor to resist the devil’s tactics. I stand my ground with truth buckled around my waist and integrity for my breastplate. I carry the shield of faith to put out the burning arrows of the evil one. I accept salvation from God to be my helmet and receive the word of God from the spirit to use a sword.”–Eph 6:10-17

Heavenly Father please show me any way that satan has ahold of my life. I let go of all those ways now. Any territory I have handed over to satan I now reclaim and place under the lordship of Jesus Christ.

PART 1: demons

In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind all spirits of the air, fire, water, ground, underground, and netherworld. I bind all forces of evil and claim the blood of Jesus on the atmosphere, the water, the ground, and their fruits around us, the underground and nether world. In the name of Jesus Christ, I seal this room and all members of my family, relatives, friends, and all sources of supply in the blood of Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ I forbid every spirit from any source from harming me in any way.

PART 2: Curses:

In the name of Jesus Christ, I reject the seductive lure of evil in all its forms and refuse to let sin have dominion over me. I reject satan and all his works and all his empty promises. Heavenly Father, I ask forgiveness for myself, my friends, relatives and ancestors for calling upon powers that set themselves up in opposition to Jesus Christ. I renounce all openess to the occult, all false worship and all benefits from magical arts. I renounce every power apart from God and every form of worship that does not offer true honor to Jesus Christ. I specifically renounce this evil spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ, I break any curses that may be coming against me and my family, and stop the transmission of those curses through my ancestry. 

In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind you spirit of darkness. I bind you away from me now in Jesus’ name. Lord Jesus, fill me with your love to replace the fear, fill me with strength to replace the weakness, etc.

Loving Father, let the cleansing, healing waters of my baptism flow back through the generations to purify my family line of contamination. Thank you Lord for setting me free. “In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us” Rom *:37

Spend a few moments in praise…..


Dear God,

Wash me in the blood of Jesus Christ and keep me free from harm. Thank you for your blessed intervention and protection.  Amen.