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Orb Over Movie Screen

Orb Over Movie Screen (Photo Credit: JC “Jeanie” Cooke-Fredlund, Author and Photographer)


Mr. Paul W. McGill (Square-Peg Think-Tank) said…

“I believe you are so close to the truth of ghost and haunting phenomenon! If you were a hyperosmic, and what is known as a sensitive in folklore, as I am, you would realize that all true hauntings have a distinct scent and that scent is what triggers an ancient mechanism which causes us to react the way we do! I am not alone in my perception and others have noticed this as well. (Psychics, ghost hunters, etc.)The difference is they have not spent years of their lives investigating the multiple scientific disciplines necessary to explain the rest of the story and they fail to realize that the scents are not phantom odors they are very real. Yet, even when they drop below our recognition threshold we still have a psycho-physiological reaction to them that triggers the whole haunting cascade. In addition, they are unable to understand that there is no connection between a spirit and a ghost, and that the ghost is caused by our ability to detect that which remains in the environment. Once we detect the trigger, which is caused by conspecific biological contamination the ghost becomes everything that we assign to it due to our personal beliefs and cultural conditioning. I would be very interested in discussing this with you at length, and getting your thoughts on the matter.”


Orbs at The Mounds Dinner Theatre (Photo Credit: JC "Jeanie" Cooke-Fredlund, Author and Photographer)

(Photo Credit: JC “Jeanie” Cooke-Fredlund, Author and Photographer)

It has always been fascinating to me – the knee-jerk manner in which people dismiss that which they either fear or do not understand. It is my belief that we humans deny ourselves countless intriguing and educational experiences when we do so.  Personally, I was raised a Christian and in the church to which I belonged, we were forbidden to look into such bad things.  Today, it is difficult for me to believe that I spent most of my life believing some of those intimidating messages we were given as children.

I really like Mr. McGill’s definition of what the entities that usually come to humans in the form of a sort of mist or light, be that a black or white mist. The entities themselves are made-up of pure energy – just like we humans!  Once we understand that everything on earth is made-up of molecular energy, a previously mysterious “mist” or “unexplainable “light” seems far less threatening.

The molecular energy of which spirits are made-up, helps to understand that when ghost-hunting or in a haunted location and electrical equipment or appliances fail to operate correctly or at all, it is due to a spirit draining the energy for itself.  When I went ghost-hunting at the Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul, Minnesota, I didn’t know that the caves behind the bar area are considered the most haunted.  I quickly figured it out on my own though, when I opened the door and began to step-down into the caves that somebody unseen needed energy because my camera went completely dead!

I’d intended (and looked very forward to) taking pictures in those caves.  My camera had never failed me at any other time.  The moment I stepped up out of the caves, my camera resumed working normally.  (I’d tried it many times while in the caves, but to no avail.)

~JC Fredlund, Intuitive & Paranormal Researcher and Author


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