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Candle in the Night

Candle in the Night (Photo Credit: JC “Jeanie” Cooke-Fredlund)


I always find this question amusing.  Why?  Because on several occasions during my life I have known information that I had no way of knowing.  (I do have witnesses who can attest to this fact.)  These experiences only occur with regard to people with whom I am in a close relationship and who I care about.

I’d gotten out of bed early one morning and could not, no matter how hard I tried, shake the feeling that there was something terribly wrong with my fiance’. I could not get him off of my mind. My feelings of worry, concern and alarm increased as time went on.  (We lived almost 100 miles apart at the time.) Throughout the day I repeatedly dismissed my feelings of worry and alarm, telling myself, “This is crazy!  I have absolutely no reason to be worried about him!”  But hard as I tried, my feelings of worry and alarm only continued to increase until I also found myself unable to shake an awful vision of him being in distress.

By noon that day, I no longer felt able to wrestle with these emotions, so I telephoned his mother and asked, “Is Garth okay?”  His mother began rambling on about how he was still at the hospital but was going to be fine and would be back at her home soon.  I responded to this information with, “Oh my God!  What happened?”  His mother replied, “What do you mean what happened?  Didn’t you just talk to him?”  I replied that “No, I haven’t.”  Sounding confused, she asked, “Well then HOW DID YOU KNOW?”  Again, I asked her to tell me what happened and she did.

It seems that that morning he had been out on one of the river barges.  (He’d beenworking as a deck hand at the time.)  He’d taken ahold of the edge of the barge when the tug-boat pulling the barge sped up, and the line tightened on his hand.  He’d nearly lost a finger, and would have lost it had he not been wearing gloves at the time.  Fortunately, he jerked his hand out of the glove and the line grabbed only the glove tightly.  He’d been taken to a hospital emergency room.  Obviously, my secret was out!  I hadn’t intended my secret to be out as there is a very negative stigma placed upon people who have a gift such as mine.

In my case, this kind of experience has happened to me numerous times during my life.  When it does occur, it usually involves someone I care deeply about (thus, I believe, there is a close  “connection” between myself and the other person.)  After performing many years of research, I’ve come to understand that what I possess is known as Clear-Knowing, or Clair-cognizance.

A comical experience that occurred as a result of my family and my close friends knowing about my gift involved the telephone.  One day my girl friend was at my home.  She and I were having coffee when I heard a couple of soft-sounding clicks coming from my telephone.  (My phone had this weird habit of making these quiet sounds just before it was about to ring.)

Of course, all of a sudden, the phone rang.  I answered it and when I hung-up I asked my girl friend, “Aren’t you going to say anything about my prediction that it was going to ring?”  She responded, “No, it didn’t surprise me cuz I know you often know things.”  I laughed and laughed and told her about the clicking sound.  We shared a good laugh over that one.

I have also experienced what is known as Clear-Seeing, or Clairvoyance.  I have experienced this in a waking state and in dreams.  Allow me to explain.  On one occasion when my son was still a teen-ager, he got into some trouble with alcohol use.  I wrote a letter to his probation officer warning that my son needed to go to treatment or something terrible was going to happen in the form of someone either getting badly hurt or killed.  (My son was driving a car already.)

Much to my utter dismay, my son’s probation officer did not heed my warning.  (I’ve kept the letter I wrote to him back then.) Desperate to get my son some help, I went to his school (he’d been kicked-out of a school dance for smelling of alcohol); together with his school counselor, we performed an intervention on my son.

My attempts to help my son see his problem with alcohol failed.  Not two months later, my son was driving home from a bar around 1:30 a.m. when he hit a man who was walking down the middle of the road several yards ahead of my son.  The man he hit won’t ever walk again.

I have had many such experiences; and as you can see, some good, some, bad.



Clair-cognizance – “Clear Knowing”. The ability to know something without receiving ANY information through any existing source or other psychic senses.  A psychic or medium  “feels” the information is right or wrong without having any logical way of knowing.

Clair-audience – “Clear Hearing”, is the ability to hear voices, thoughts and noises from spirits.  Many mediums hear sounds in their heads, while others feel as though they’re  hearing someone speak  into their ear.

Clairvoyance –  “Clear Seeing”  is the ability to see anything that is not physically present.  Things that are seen are things such as spirits or ghostly apparitions, or memories from the spirit’s life here on earth.  These images can be seen in either a still form, (like a photograph) or in a form like a clip from a movie. A medium or psychic might say that these visions occur in their “mind’s eye” in visions or in dreams.  Some even see full apparitions as though it were standing right in front of them.

Clairalience –  Clear Smelling.  This might mean that the psychic or medium can sense a strong scent of perfume someone used to wear when they were living, or tobacco smoke, or the stench of a fire from a room that  burned in an arson attack many years ago.

Clairsentience –  “Clear Sensing”, or feeling various sensations caused by the presence of a spirit;  it could be the feeling that a spirit may be close by, or the sensation of a spirit touching them or it could be feeling pressure on their chest if the person had died in an auto accident where he was crushed.

Clairgustance – “Clear Tasting”.   The psychic or medium experiences the taste of a poison for example, if the victim who passed was poisoned-to- death.


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P.S. A medium who I trust and have visited (because he told me things that he had absolutely NO way of knowing,) is at: I would also highly recommend:

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