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I’d wanted to visit a medium for years.  I’d never made a move to do so because I honestly didn’t know how to decipher between a fake and a genuine medium.  One day and strictly by coincidence, I had an appointment with a client who’d recently lost her son.  During our counseling session she confided in me that she had visited a medium.  I asked her to tell me about her experience with the medium.  She explained the content of her visit to him.  She went on to explain how shocked she’d been that he knew things about her son’s death that she hadn’t shared with him.  “In fact” she went on to say, “I hadn’t told him anything about my son’s death yet!”  She still seemed a little shaken by the shock of realizing that the medium had been ‘for real.’ 
I knew instantly that it had been no accident that this client had come to see me; more importantly, I knew that this was the medium with whom I would schedule an appointment!  I asked for this medium’s name and phone number and she graciously obliged.  The following day I scheduled an appointment with him.
If, like myself, you wish to communicate with a loved one on the other side, you will be well advised to 1. Trust that the best way to locate a trustworthy, reliable medium is to ask around. You might be surprised at the large number of people who seek out this type of professional help following the loss of one dear to them! and 2. To do this rather than to try to communicate with any spirit on your own!  Too many doors of an unimaginable, negative nature can be opened trying to do this on one’s own!

The medium I talked about above is Troy Parkinson and he is located in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.  You can gain access to him on my Facebook site, “Jeanie Cooke-Fredlund,” or at my paranormal Facebook site, “Have You Witnessed the Paranormal?”  For anyone not living anywhere near St. Paul:  Ask the individual who is referring you to a medium the question, “Did the medium communicate any information to you from the afterlife that he/she had absolutely NO way of knowing unless it genuinely came from the person with whom you wanted to communicate on the other side?” (This is how I found Troy!)  If you call him, please let him know who referred you to him.

With everything else you’ve been through if you’re considering a visit to a medium, the last thing you need is to be taken-to-the-cleaners!

(Copyright 2019 by Jeanie Cooke-Fredlund)

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