I have to admit that being a ghost hunter can be scary. Especially when hunting in an environment that has been well-documented as being haunted. Often times the best of these environments (eg. the most fertile for locating spirits) are areas where there have been one or more deaths. At Gettysburg there’s been thousands and thousands who’d tragically died there.

I’d wanted for years to tour Gettysburg so I contacted my old high school best friend who now resides in Pennsylvania. My husband and I wanted to tour Gettysburg, PA, and Kathy lives just twenty miles away from the battlefield there. Ralph wasn’t really interested in a paranormal investigation (he’s the more “level-headed” of the two of us, but I knew Kathy would be up for it.

Kathy and I met two paranormal investigators from the Mason-Dixon Paranormal Society at 9:30 p.m. in the town of Gettysburg. We then followed the two investigators in Kathy’s car, out to an area on the edge of the battlefield. Hundreds of thousands of men died in the area we were visiting during the Civil War. Many of them perished at the bridge site where we were headed.


On this photo, my girlfriend is walking ahead of me onto the bridge. Notice the large white orb just above her head up ahead of her.

Approaching Sachs Bridge after dark.

Approaching Sachs Bridge after dark.

From the time we entered the bridge I experienced a ‘creeped-out’ sensation. We used some of the investigator’s tools in an attempt to communicate with any spirits near us. We experienced the flashlight going on and off as we asked the spirits there to do. It was eerie.

The most eerie part of the night for me were the numerous photos I shot in the completely black darkness. For completely black darkness is not what we saw on the photos we’d just shot!

DSCN1814 Only such thick, black darkness to the naked eye you could’ve cut it with a knife[/caption]

This is NOT what we saw as we looked out over the river . . . only pitch, black darkness . . . so thick that you could have cut it with a knife. Yet, the above picture is what the ominous night revealed to my Nikon Camera.

“No orbs could be seen with the naked eye.”

But my camera revealed something in one of my hundreds of photographs I had not noticed until after we’d returned home. Something I found somewhat startling. If you look to the left of this photo, near the far end of the bridge, you will notice a large cloud of red mist covering a man’s head and a woman rushing to him from across the opposite side of the bridge. (I am hoping that you will be able to make it out as well as I could when I enlarged it.)


I must admit that Sachs Bridge was an eerie place to tour, and I was relieved to return to Kathy’s home that night.

(Wikipedia reports the following: People have reported residual haunting in the form of battle amidst a mysterious, sudden fog near Sachs Covered Bridge.)

Copyright 2015 by JC “Jeanie” Cooke-Fredlund


High up in the Rocky Mountains there sits a tiny mining town, known as Cripple Creek, Colorado. Just outside of Cripple Creek is a dirt trail known as “Shelf Road” (its set back a bit behind the town of Cripple Creek.)

Back in the gold rush days, this [so-called] road was a rocky, steep and narrow dirt trail that was traveled by hundreds upon hundreds of stage coaches and wagons. Those coaches and wagons were filled with countless folks hoping to fulfill their dreams of getting to the mine in Cripple Creek where they were determined to strike-it-rich.

My husband and I are history-buffs/adventurers and were incredibly excited to find this road/trail. Many hundreds of people died traveling this (and many other parts of the Rocky Mountains) as it has changed very little since that time [not much wider than a driveway].

It is still very steep, rocky and very treacherous. (Having traveled it ourselves, we don’t recommend that anyone try to drive it unless you have a four-wheel drive vehicle and not in the face of impending rainy or stormy weather due to the fact that the mountain canyons can (and do) fill with rushing flash flood waters in a matter of minutes.)

We’d driven a long way down Shelf Road and I had my truck window down so that I could touch the rocks just inches away from me. Suddenly, and out of nowhere, I could hear the laughter of two small children. Their laughter danced down over the rocks as if they were playing and giggling at the same time; enjoying themselves immensely not very far above us.

I strained my neck to gaze up toward the tops of the rocks – steep, vertical rocks that went straight-up at a ninety degree angle from the ground; enormous rocks that I could reach out our RAM truck window and touch (the trail is so narrow). But, low and behold, there was absolutely no one there! (There was no way anyone could’ve accessed the area above us without elaborate, professional rock climbing equipment – sheer limestone cliffs that both towered over one-hundred feet above us and that dropped over one-hundred feet beneath us greeting us in that and in many other spots!)

At first I thought it was just some traveler’s children, but then I realized that there was absolutely no one for miles and miles from where we were. Sometime later and while processing the strange occurrence we’d just experienced, I realized that the echoing sound of the children’s laughter, had embodied a haunted-sounding ring to it.

Shelf Road, Cripple Creek, Colorado

Shelf Road, Cripple Creek, Colorado

Shelf Rd, Cripple Creek, CO

Shelf Rd, Cripple Creek, CO

Shelf Road
Shelf Road in Cripple Creek

Shelf Road in Cripple Creek

Scary Shelf Road outside CC CO

Scary Shelf Road outside CC CO

The experience touched me deeply as I could hear the pure, elated joy in the children’s laughter yet realized that they had to have met with a tragic demise there more than a century ago; during the old gold rush frenzy that took so many innocent lives.


(Noteworthy: While driving deeper and deeper into the canyon, it was a bit cloudy and I kept experiencing this heavy foreboding feeling that it was going to flood-out – the way that mountain canyons sometimes do. One month later, a disastrous flood occurred in Colorado during which many people and animals lost their lives. In fact, we learned later that because it is such a deep canyon, many people choose not to travel Shelf Road at all.)

Copyright 2014-15 by JC Cooke-Fredlund, Author


Dream Visit



Losing someone we love is very difficult, at best. Losing my grandmother who raised me was one of the two most difficult deaths I have experienced. Years after she and my father’s deaths, I have concluded that we really never lose someone we love. No, not even through death!

Following two very fascinating experiences that I believe involved what people consider paranormal, my views and beliefs have changed quite dramatically.

Let me preface this by explaining my conviction to you about that which a human being consists of: A body, mind and spirit (or that which many think of as a “soul”. So, you may ask, “What in the world is a soul?” To me, a soul is the same as a spirit and is that which gives our body life, and lives within the body. Now, permit me to share what took place with my grandmother, following her death . . .

It was the night of her funeral.

I’d entered my bedroom and sat down on the edge of my bed. I was sitting there, alone in the darkness, gazing out our bedroom window. My grief was intense at the time, but I’d finally felt cried-out. It was as if I was sitting on the bed in the bedroom in which I’d slept as a small girl, in my grandmother’s house; as if I was gazing out her bedroom window at the night, the way I so often had long ago. I missed her terribly.

Not long after, I was reminiscing about my grandmother, how she’d raised my sister and I when we were little, and about how very much I’d loved her. Suddenly, it was as if I wasn’t sitting in my bedroom at all. was shopping one day in a drug store. I’d stopped to look at the greeting cards, searching for just the right one for my mother. My eyes fell upon a birthday greeting card ‘To Grandmother’. The card contained a lovely, heartfelt message. Suddenly I realized that I was standing right there in that store, getting all choked-up. I’d realized, while reading that card, that I hadn’t given her half the attention or greeting cards during her later years that I should have.

Within moments, it was as if I could feel her presence right there beside me. It was also as if I could hear her soft, loving voice saying to me, “It’s okay Honey, I always knew how very much you loved me.” An instantaneous sense of peacefulness and calmness came over me and it has been as if I’ve been able to feel the presence of my grandmother’s spirit right here with me, ever since.

The above experience was the beginning of my firm belief that those we love, never really leave us, at all. But, that their spirit merely leaves their physical body behind once it has either become too old to go on, or has worn out for other reasons.

I’ve referred many times when talking with friends, to the many guardian angels I believe surround me. I’ve believed that for a very specific reason. That reason is that as a recovering alcoholic, there were a number of times in my life when there is simply no other explanation for the fact that I lived through experiences that fly-in-the-face of the fact that I am still alive today. Yet, here I am! I continue to believe that those guardian angels are my grandmother, my father and two favorite uncles.

Now, let me share with you the experience with my father. About ten years ago, I was going through a very painful, traumatic time in my life. One afternoon, I fell asleep on the living room sofa, crying and calling-out my father’s name, “Daddy, Daddy.” I don’t know how long I slept, but I awoke feeling soothed and comforted. While sleeping, my father had come me, stood next to the sofa, bent down and placed a warm, gentle kiss on my cheek. Yes! His had been a “warm, gentle” kiss that I could still feel upon my cheek as I awoke, and I was able to feel his presence even after the dream!

How was this experience different from an ordinary dream? In an ordinary dream, I see people about whom I’m dreaming. It’s most often similar to watching a movie on a movie screen, although sometimes I get the sense that I am living the dream in that I am in the movie, TOO! This dream was different. I was living the situation right where I’d laid down on the sofa, he was standing right there beside me. I was able to feel his breath, and the soft warmth of his kiss. I was able to feel the sensation of his kiss and his love even after I’d awakened!

I performed a great deal of research on the subject of paranormal experiences (which included book titled ‘Ghosts Among Us’ by James VanPraagh) and learned that a dream that manifests itself in this real and authentic way is actually defined by experts as a “dream visit.”

Do I believe that my father’s spirit visited me that afternoon right there in my living room? Absolutely! Can I prove this? I cannot!

That which cannot be seen with the naked eye, is quite impossible to prove. Yet, we certainly have electricity (which cannot be seen) and yet it provides light, heat and other electrically powered manmade inventions. Do we accept the electricity we cannot see? Yes, we do! Can we see love with the naked eye? No! Yet, we do not question it’s existence. So, I ask you, is it really so preposterous to accept these psychic phenomena mysteries like a dream visit that we cannot see with the naked eye – I think not!

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...while in San Francisco with my mother.

Ghost-Hunting Excursion in San Francisco. (Photo Credit: Jeanie Cooke-Fredlund)


Funny, inspite of the ghost hunting I’ve done, I  believe in good versus evil. Having experienced a Catholic upbringing, it would be difficult not to! That is the reason why I approach ghost-hunting with the utmost respect; respect for that which I cannot see! (Except of course, with the eye of my camera.)

Because we Catholics are brought-up to have unyielding  faith in the unseen, I believe that there is only a fine line between believing in God, and believing in spirits of the deceased. Both are unseen. (Yet we Catholics insist they exist! (Well, we insist that the HOLY Spirit exists!)

When I say that I approach ghost-hunting with the utmost respect, I’m not kidding. Once I arrive at a location, before I enter that location,

  1. I say a prayer for protection (I say the Our Father);
  2. I carry a rosary in my shirt pocket, (one that has been blest by a priest)
  3. before I leave I instruct (aloud) any spirits present that they are not allowed to leave the location with me!)
  4. . . . and as I’m leaving, I say another prayer of thanks for my heavenly angels protection.

There are many locations I will not visit. Those locations consist of buildings and homes with poltergeist activity, (such as the Chauncey Griggs mansion in St. Paul, Minnesota.) It does not fit with my beliefs, that an entity that throws things across a room, could be a “good” spirit. Obviously, someone can easily get hurt. (The Griggs mansion is an entire ‘nother story that you can find details about at the website.)

I have experienced a presence draining my camera of all of it’s energy when I ghost-hunted at the Wabasha Street Caves some years ago, also located in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Wabasha Street Caves consist of an old time night club with caves behind it that back during the 1940s were commonly utilized by criminals like John Dillinger; they used the night club for their partying activities and the caves as their hide-out.

Upon arriving there one must walk through the night club in order to get to the door that leads into the dirt caves.  (The caves were also used to store criminally owned moonshine and other alcohol as well as for machine guns and ammunition.)  There are still the original machine gun holes in the night club fireplace from attacking gang fights that took place there.)

I shot lots of photos inside the night club. The camera I’d taken along with me had never before, nor since that day, failed me. But the moment I entered that cave, I was helpless to record anything of my experience in there! I took one step (of three) down into the cave and I’d may as well have been trying to push the button on an out of order elevator; nothing happened.

Immediately following our visit there, we took my camera to a camera shop where a technician placed my his head and my camera underneath a black cloth where he safely rewound my film so that it could be developed. He examined my camera thoroughly and explained to me that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my camera!  (Refer to my post, “So Just What Are These Orbs, Spiritts and Ghosts Anyway?” for explanation.)

Another two experiences I will have nothing to do with are Ouija boards and séances. I am aware that the movie The Exorcist with Linda Blair was based upon a true story and that the only differences between the movie and the actual event was that the child-victim of the demon-possession was a boy, not a girl, and he was younger; around the age of eight.  It is also noteworthy that the boy who was victimized had, shortly before his victimization, been playing with an Ouija board. (I’ve spoken to several people who’ve experienced some very frightening results of having used an Ouija board.

My explanation? There are many ways of inviting spirits in. One problem with doing this is that there is no telling what spirit may accept the invitation; good, or bad. My advice on Ouija boards? Don’t play with fire if you don’t want to get burned!  As for séances, it is my belief that many are fake. It is also my firm belief that if the spirit of someone I care about wants to visit me, that spirit will do so under their own steam.

I firmly believe that there are spirits who walk the earth all around us. Some good, some bad. To do anything to invite a spirit into our lives not knowing what that spirit’s intentions may be, is, in my opinion, unwise, at best.

All of this having been said, there are highly qualified, professional mediums who are “for real.” There are only a couple of them I would recommend to anyone who is determined to contact a loved one who has passed. One of them is James VanPraagh, (author of  the book “Ghosts Among Us” and many other excellent books on the subject and who sometimes visits the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and Troy Parkinson (resides in St. Paul, MN USA.)

Last time I hired one of these individuals his fee was $200.00 an hour and that was four years ago (and let me tell you, that one hour FLIES by!) I left my visit with him realizing fully that he was for real because he told me very specific things about deceased loved ones that he had absolutely NO way of knowing. He even described their physical attributes “to a T”!

As far as ghost hunting being risky, I really don’t do ghost hunting much anymore. After a few years of playing with it as a hobby and then learning much more about it (including how some folks have been hurt doing it) I’m inclined now to agree with the philosophy of Amy Allen (who sees and communicates with the dead). You can “Google” Amy Allen to learn more about her. In Amy’s words, “The dead don’t like to be toyed with; having people coming around all the time saying things to them like, come on out where we can see you! I mean, if YOU weren’t living anymore, how would YOU like that?!!) Thank you, Amy, very well put. Enough said.

(Excerpt from Ms. Fredlund’s new book due for publication 2016, “OMG, I’M PSYCHIC!”)

COPYRIGHT 2014-2015 by JC “Jeanie” Cooke-Fredlund, Published Author of BAD RAP. The Truth About the Tragically Misunderstood Pit Bull for sale at, and at Author website:


In all cases, yes, including ghost hunting, to sum it all up, I would say, “A word to the wise: Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it!”


NOTEWORTHY!  Ironic as it is, just now, as I’m sitting here writing this, my husband is telling me he sees on the internet that John and Debbie Constantine from the reality show Ghost Adventures are both dead! It seems that John had Debbie hold-up in a condo and told the police to give him fifteen minutes with her or he’d kill her.  The police complied and both John and Debbie are dead. No more details are known at this time, but the public is already e-mailing tons of comments. Reality is, there does exist at least the possibility that it could be related to their adventures ghost hunting. YOU be the judge!


I must say that, to date, my favorite book is Ghosts Among Us by James VanPraagh.  Why?  Because following my personal experience of a Dream Visit from my father who died when I was eight, I needed information, badly.  I’m grateful to be able to say that I found James VanPraagh.  Upon reading his book Ghosts Among Us, I finally, after all these years, experienced a total sense of peace regarding my father’s death.  I finally understood that our loved ones never really leave us at all; but that when they pass, they simply shed the human body because they no longer are in need of it; the same way that we who reside in the north shed our winter coat when spring arrives because we are no longer in-need of it.

Because I am a firm believer that there is good and godliness in the world, by the same token there is evil that exists.  There are authors of books who themselves chose to become involved with evil.  In my opinion, their books are likely to have been written with a hidden agenda.  Personally, I do not purchase books that explain rituals.  I particularly avoid books that explain ‘dark rituals’ and/or ‘rituals used in Satanism’.  Why?  I simply don’t want to clutter my mind with anything that I consider to be ‘negative’.

Everything we read creates an imprint on our minds, like it or not.  I urge you to research each author that interests you by “Googling” their name and you will learn all you need to know about them. Thus, I would (and I always do) use caution in selecting educational books on the subject of the paranormal.

*Ghosts Among Usby James VanPraagh

~ Powers of the Sixth Senseby Jock Brocas

~ The Haunting of Americaby William J Birnes & Joel Martin

~ When Ghosts Speakby Mary Ann Winkowski

~ Spiritedby Rebecca Rosen

~ Historic Haunted Americaby Michael Norman & Beth Scott

~ The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbookby Robert Bruce

~ The Encyclopedia of Ghosts & Hauntingsby Theresa Cheung

~ The Practical Psychic,  by Noreen Renier

~ Another of my favorite authors is Sylvia Browne.

NOTE:  One of my favorite book stores is: The Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller Company, PO Box 15, Falls Village CT 06031-0015.  Their prices are really quite phenomenal.  If interested, I recommend ordering their free catalog!  There are also countless half-price book stores all around the country.

Warm regards,

JC Fredlund, Intuitive & Paranormal Researcher


Copyright 2015 by JC Fredlund (JC Eberhart, Past Pen Name); ©JC Fredlund and JC Fredlund’s Artistry Blog, 1974 – 2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to JC Fredlund and blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

To view some interesting stories of people’s experiences with the paranormal here and in the UK, go to:  “”>The Haunted Hovel

Candle in the Night

Candle in the Night (Photo Credit: JC “Jeanie” Cooke-Fredlund)


I always find this question amusing.  Why?  Because on several occasions during my life I have known information that I had no way of knowing.  (I do have witnesses who can attest to this fact.)  These experiences only occur with regard to people with whom I am in a close relationship and who I care about.

I’d gotten out of bed early one morning and could not, no matter how hard I tried, shake the feeling that there was something terribly wrong with my fiance’. I could not get him off of my mind. My feelings of worry, concern and alarm increased as time went on.  (We lived almost 100 miles apart at the time.) Throughout the day I repeatedly dismissed my feelings of worry and alarm, telling myself, “This is crazy!  I have absolutely no reason to be worried about him!”  But hard as I tried, my feelings of worry and alarm only continued to increase until I also found myself unable to shake an awful vision of him being in distress.

By noon that day, I no longer felt able to wrestle with these emotions, so I telephoned his mother and asked, “Is Garth okay?”  His mother began rambling on about how he was still at the hospital but was going to be fine and would be back at her home soon.  I responded to this information with, “Oh my God!  What happened?”  His mother replied, “What do you mean what happened?  Didn’t you just talk to him?”  I replied that “No, I haven’t.”  Sounding confused, she asked, “Well then HOW DID YOU KNOW?”  Again, I asked her to tell me what happened and she did.

It seems that that morning he had been out on one of the river barges.  (He’d beenworking as a deck hand at the time.)  He’d taken ahold of the edge of the barge when the tug-boat pulling the barge sped up, and the line tightened on his hand.  He’d nearly lost a finger, and would have lost it had he not been wearing gloves at the time.  Fortunately, he jerked his hand out of the glove and the line grabbed only the glove tightly.  He’d been taken to a hospital emergency room.  Obviously, my secret was out!  I hadn’t intended my secret to be out as there is a very negative stigma placed upon people who have a gift such as mine.

In my case, this kind of experience has happened to me numerous times during my life.  When it does occur, it usually involves someone I care deeply about (thus, I believe, there is a close  “connection” between myself and the other person.)  After performing many years of research, I’ve come to understand that what I possess is known as Clear-Knowing, or Clair-cognizance.

A comical experience that occurred as a result of my family and my close friends knowing about my gift involved the telephone.  One day my girl friend was at my home.  She and I were having coffee when I heard a couple of soft-sounding clicks coming from my telephone.  (My phone had this weird habit of making these quiet sounds just before it was about to ring.)

Of course, all of a sudden, the phone rang.  I answered it and when I hung-up I asked my girl friend, “Aren’t you going to say anything about my prediction that it was going to ring?”  She responded, “No, it didn’t surprise me cuz I know you often know things.”  I laughed and laughed and told her about the clicking sound.  We shared a good laugh over that one.

I have also experienced what is known as Clear-Seeing, or Clairvoyance.  I have experienced this in a waking state and in dreams.  Allow me to explain.  On one occasion when my son was still a teen-ager, he got into some trouble with alcohol use.  I wrote a letter to his probation officer warning that my son needed to go to treatment or something terrible was going to happen in the form of someone either getting badly hurt or killed.  (My son was driving a car already.)

Much to my utter dismay, my son’s probation officer did not heed my warning.  (I’ve kept the letter I wrote to him back then.) Desperate to get my son some help, I went to his school (he’d been kicked-out of a school dance for smelling of alcohol); together with his school counselor, we performed an intervention on my son.

My attempts to help my son see his problem with alcohol failed.  Not two months later, my son was driving home from a bar around 1:30 a.m. when he hit a man who was walking down the middle of the road several yards ahead of my son.  The man he hit won’t ever walk again.

I have had many such experiences; and as you can see, some good, some, bad.



Clair-cognizance – “Clear Knowing”. The ability to know something without receiving ANY information through any existing source or other psychic senses.  A psychic or medium  “feels” the information is right or wrong without having any logical way of knowing.

Clair-audience – “Clear Hearing”, is the ability to hear voices, thoughts and noises from spirits.  Many mediums hear sounds in their heads, while others feel as though they’re  hearing someone speak  into their ear.

Clairvoyance –  “Clear Seeing”  is the ability to see anything that is not physically present.  Things that are seen are things such as spirits or ghostly apparitions, or memories from the spirit’s life here on earth.  These images can be seen in either a still form, (like a photograph) or in a form like a clip from a movie. A medium or psychic might say that these visions occur in their “mind’s eye” in visions or in dreams.  Some even see full apparitions as though it were standing right in front of them.

Clairalience –  Clear Smelling.  This might mean that the psychic or medium can sense a strong scent of perfume someone used to wear when they were living, or tobacco smoke, or the stench of a fire from a room that  burned in an arson attack many years ago.

Clairsentience –  “Clear Sensing”, or feeling various sensations caused by the presence of a spirit;  it could be the feeling that a spirit may be close by, or the sensation of a spirit touching them or it could be feeling pressure on their chest if the person had died in an auto accident where he was crushed.

Clairgustance – “Clear Tasting”.   The psychic or medium experiences the taste of a poison for example, if the victim who passed was poisoned-to- death.


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P.S. A medium who I trust and have visited (because he told me things that he had absolutely NO way of knowing,) is at: I would also highly recommend:

Orb Over Movie Screen

Orb Over Movie Screen (Photo Credit: JC “Jeanie” Cooke-Fredlund, Author and Photographer)


Mr. Paul W. McGill (Square-Peg Think-Tank) said…

“I believe you are so close to the truth of ghost and haunting phenomenon! If you were a hyperosmic, and what is known as a sensitive in folklore, as I am, you would realize that all true hauntings have a distinct scent and that scent is what triggers an ancient mechanism which causes us to react the way we do! I am not alone in my perception and others have noticed this as well. (Psychics, ghost hunters, etc.)The difference is they have not spent years of their lives investigating the multiple scientific disciplines necessary to explain the rest of the story and they fail to realize that the scents are not phantom odors they are very real. Yet, even when they drop below our recognition threshold we still have a psycho-physiological reaction to them that triggers the whole haunting cascade. In addition, they are unable to understand that there is no connection between a spirit and a ghost, and that the ghost is caused by our ability to detect that which remains in the environment. Once we detect the trigger, which is caused by conspecific biological contamination the ghost becomes everything that we assign to it due to our personal beliefs and cultural conditioning. I would be very interested in discussing this with you at length, and getting your thoughts on the matter.”


Orbs at The Mounds Dinner Theatre (Photo Credit: JC "Jeanie" Cooke-Fredlund, Author and Photographer)

(Photo Credit: JC “Jeanie” Cooke-Fredlund, Author and Photographer)

It has always been fascinating to me – the knee-jerk manner in which people dismiss that which they either fear or do not understand. It is my belief that we humans deny ourselves countless intriguing and educational experiences when we do so.  Personally, I was raised a Christian and in the church to which I belonged, we were forbidden to look into such bad things.  Today, it is difficult for me to believe that I spent most of my life believing some of those intimidating messages we were given as children.

I really like Mr. McGill’s definition of what the entities that usually come to humans in the form of a sort of mist or light, be that a black or white mist. The entities themselves are made-up of pure energy – just like we humans!  Once we understand that everything on earth is made-up of molecular energy, a previously mysterious “mist” or “unexplainable “light” seems far less threatening.

The molecular energy of which spirits are made-up, helps to understand that when ghost-hunting or in a haunted location and electrical equipment or appliances fail to operate correctly or at all, it is due to a spirit draining the energy for itself.  When I went ghost-hunting at the Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul, Minnesota, I didn’t know that the caves behind the bar area are considered the most haunted.  I quickly figured it out on my own though, when I opened the door and began to step-down into the caves that somebody unseen needed energy because my camera went completely dead!

I’d intended (and looked very forward to) taking pictures in those caves.  My camera had never failed me at any other time.  The moment I stepped up out of the caves, my camera resumed working normally.  (I’d tried it many times while in the caves, but to no avail.)

~JC Fredlund, Intuitive & Paranormal Researcher and Author


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Our Haunted House
Our family in the livingroom
Turned and walked away
Our daughter on the stairs

(Photo Credits: JC “Jeanie” Cooke-Fredlund, Author and Photographer)


I became especially interested in the-things-that-go-bump-in-the-night, upon discovering that my ex-husband, our two children and myself had been living in a haunted house for five years.  That was during the mid-to-late 1970s.  The house to which I refer is located in Mankato, Minnesota at 619 North Fourth Street.  (This house is now a private residence again.) Our two children, then nine and four years old, had both come to me (on separate occasions) and told me they were having scary experiences in our house at night.

 Our son (aged nine) told me that there was a bogeyman in his closet that looked like a dark shadow.  He said that he would see this shadow moving about outside the front of his closet.  Our daughter, (aged four) told me that during the night someone she couldn’t see had picked her up in their arms in a tiny room off the bathroom, and behind our master bedroom door.

Needless to say, I didn’t take my children seriously.  I told my son to keep his closet door closed, and told my daughter to stay in her bed at night.  I clearly was not very understanding and not at all sympathetic.  Then I shot the above photo of my little girl one day while she was playing house and walking around my bedroom (the master bedroom) in a pair of my high heels. I’d immediately snapped the second photo – the one of our daughter having turned and walking away. As you can see, there is nothing at all unusual about the second shot!)

I hadn’t paid any attention to the bright yellow light swirling about our daughter.   Not back then. (If you look very closely, you will notice that the yellow light appears to be coming out from behind our door – right where my daughter had told me some of these occurrences were happening.  It then seems to SURROUND HER.  (YES!  I DID have this photo debunked!)

Years later upon researching the paranormal, I became suspicious that the house may, in fact, have been haunted after all. (I couldn’t deny the fact that the house has changed residents numerous times since we sold it. No one remains in the house for more than five years!)

The more I researched topics such as hauntings, the paranormal, spirits, orbs, etc., the more I learned about them.  My children are both adults now with children of their own, and to this day, they both insist that those happenings they’d told me about as children, really did happen!  ( Interestingly, my daughter went back there a few years ago and returned to tell me that the tiny room off the bathroom has been walled-off, and that she was told by a neighbor we knew that no one has remained living in the house for more than five years.)