When apparitions appear, it could be that the source of this phenomena is that they are actually “place” memories.  These apparitions can appear as “solid” (the same as any person.)  The theory in parapsychology used to explain apparitional “place” phenomena (which were imprinted upon the location years ago) is that one can respond to past images.

Scientifically speaking, the world we live in is governed by light and energy.  Memories can be stored in an environment.  A “place” memory is similar to a recording that exists long after a person has died.  Some people have a sensitivity to place memories and can pick up those traces.  Scientists have yet to understand how these energies are stored in the environment or why so few individuals can perceive them.  We all have these abilities, but in some people they are much further progressed.  One source could be fluctuations in magnetic fields that occur when rocks shift beneath the earth’s surface.  These fluctuations are known to affect the right temporal lobe of the brain and can cause hallucinations.  Studies have shown that a person’s perceptions can also be influenced by ions or electrically charged particles in the air.  Strong positive ions noted in the air have a negative effect on a person’s mood and perceptions.

To measure differences in a magnetic field an electromagnetometer is used.  Power lines, electrical appliances, and electrical wiring are known to cause magnetic fluctuations.  To a sensitive person these can cause hallucinations.  To have a negative effect on brain activity the magnetic field would have to fluctuate over time, thus must be read over time.  A reading of .01 Milligauss would be a low reading while a reading that reaches 40 Milliguass would be a high reading that could explain visual phenomena.  A dwelling can be wired with sensors and a computer can record the readings in order to understand what is occurring.  But doing so will not stop apparitions.  In fact, it can antagonize them and cause any havoc they are creating to worsen.

High reading results can be indicative of a haunting.  Geological research may reveal that a small earthquake can cause a fluctuation such as this in the earth’s magnetic field.  If there happens to be a seismic fault near a property, apparitions/hauntings may result.  Magnetic impulses generated by movements along the fault may stimulate a person’s brain, and positive ions can adversely affect a person’s perceptions.  (Also relevant is the fact that place memories are commonly known to be recorded in limestone and other certain, specific rock.)

Should physical harm such as scratches appear on the subject however, or shadow people or haunting noises (such as banging noises) or perceptions of evil that instill fear, indicate that there is something more at work and that it is definitely of a paranormal nature.   (Scratches that occur in a series of three are of an evil entity/spirit that is mocking the holy trinity.)  Enlisting the services of a psychic or physical medium (such as Amy Allan or one’s local paranormal society investigators) can be very helpful in tracing the origin of, and of ridding a haunting.  There can also be a genetic link.  Investigating the family of origin and to explore whether or not there were psychic abilities that can be traced back and that have been genetically “handed-down.”

Sometimes hauntings can actually be attracted to a particular family.  There are several different factors involved in this; location (see above information), one or more members who are mediums and do not realize this fact about themselves and who have psychic abilities.  In this case, a family could not just move/relocate and expect nothing more of a paranormal nature to happen.  Because of their abilities things will happen throughout their lives.  This is not to say that any family is plagued by demons.  Entities or spirits who come through that way tend to be people who were not great people in life.  They were angry in life and are still angry in death; some are serial killers, murderers, rapists and the like.  They can also manipulate how we perceive them – basically feeding off of our fear.  To decide that an angry, mean presence is demonic is to create more fearfulness and thus runs the risk of becoming a vicious cycle.

Many people turn to their faith (i.e. their pastor or church.)  While this can be comforting, it seldom rids a family or their home of spirits, evil or otherwise.  (Which the movie “The Exorcist” – which was based on a true story – bears out.)  It is far more important to understand exactly what it is that is happening to the individual:

  • An extremely active location/home,
  • What are the individual’s abilities (psychic, mediums)
  • What is the reason the deceased individuals are attracted to them, (i.e. mediums are a type of beacon for the dead; almost like a light in a pitch black room and they’re just attracted to that light)
  • The individual must accept their abilities.

I can bear this out in that while I am not a medium, I am psychic (i.e. I sometimes know things without there having been any explainable way for me to have known them.)  I believe that I inherited this ability from my maternal grandmother who was psychic.

~Jeanie Cooke-Fredlund, Paranormal Researcher






I was pleased to see on the Quest Television Channel here in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area that the existence of the supernatural is, at last, being not only acknowledged but validated by the science world!

Last night on the Quest Channel I watched a report on two credible scientists and their assistants. They were performing a professional, scientific ghost hunting endeavor at an old, abandoned asylum in Pennsylvania, USA.  Interestingly, they concluded that there does exist, supernatural activity at the asylum!  They compared the location to the Amityville House in New York, and reported that this asylum will also go down in recorded history!

So those of you who are doubters, more and more evidence of the existence of the supernatural is being gathered!

Congratulations to you, Zac Bagans of Ghost Adventures fame.  You are, at long last, being validated by the scientific community!

The comprehensive answer to this question has been the root-cause of arguments among humans for centuries.  Oddly enough, something like 99% of the time, this root-cause was never even suspected, let alone explored and/or understood.  As a result of this root-cause, many people have been accused of lying when they were not.  In fact, it would be safe to say that the answer to this question has undoubtedly caused more communication difficulties than any other single root-cause!  The root-cause to which I refer lies in the deepest definition of the word “reality”.  The psychological definition, if you will.

An excellent example is the fact that when there has been a homicide committed with several witnesses present, each witness must be interviewed individually, oftentimes, more than once.  For, like it or not, one person’s reality is not the same as reality of the same situation for another individual.  The reason for this lies in the fact that while the word “reality” is defined as a “definite” or as an “absolute” (i.e. “That is exactly what happened – I know because I saw it with my own two eyes!”)  Homicide investigators understand that as days pass-by, memories (realities) of the tragic event can suddenly be restored to a witness’ conscious mind (as if out-of-nowhere).  However, it is not always memory that causes one individual’s sense of reality to differ from that of another witness of the same event. There is another cause of the fact that two witnesses of the same event may experience that event altogether differently.

One cause of this complicated fact is that there are numerous dynamics that play-into each individual’s sense of “reality”.  Just to list a few (and I will use myself as the subject here):

  • Emotion:  What emotional state might I have been in when the event occurred?  Emotions are extremely powerful and thus can easily affect our perception of any situation;
  • Past Traumas:    Do I have a history that includes past trauma/s?  Trauma from my past experiences affects my perception of my present day experiences (the source of post-traumatic syndrome which many people believe can result only from war.  Not true!  PTSD results from any experience that was traumatic for the individual; including beatings and other forms of past physical abuse, childhood sexual abuse, and the list goes on.)
  • Psychic Abilities: If one person possesses psychic abilities their perception of what occurred in any given situation is likely to differ considerably from that of another witness to the same event (often missed by people who because of their superstitions that psychic abilities are not valid).
  • Social and Relationship History:  Whether my past experiences in relationships with other people have been positive or negative, affects my perception of my experiences today!
  • Mental Health: Whether or not I am suffering from mental illness such as depression, anxiety, etc. will also have an impact upon my perception of my experiences in my everyday life.

This a list of just some of the psychological baggage that every living person carries with us during our waking hours every single day of our lives.  Every one of the above considerations must be figured-into our perceptions of all of our daily life experiences if we are to fully understand our perceptions of “reality”.

Thus, it is easy to see why one individual’s sense of reality might be altogether different from that of another person’s perception of reality!  The key to any mystery that lies within the definition of reality is merely that “reality” is one’s perception of an experience!  We each have our own “reality”!


Ralph and I at The Old Salem Witch Museum

Ralph and I at The Old Salem Witch Museum

Copyright Nov. 2014 by JC “Jeanie” Cooke-Fredlund, Author. No part or portion of the above is to be copied unless prior, written authorization has been obtained from the author, and full credit is then given to the author.  (Excerpt from JC’s upcoming book, “What Treatment Centers May Not Tell You!”)